A hand cleaning cream with skin-conditioning ingredients

For cleaning of heavily soiled hands, dissolves oil, soot, grease, underseal, printing ink, resin and dirt.

  • The ingredients have been selected with the greatest care in order to achieve the maximum cleaning performance with minimum drying of skin
  • Contains skin conditioning ingredients
  • Pleasant aroma

pH value

ca 9 in concentrate

Article number

161932 Giporen Hand Cleaner 2.5-litre bottle 6 pcs/box
161933 Giporen Hand Cleaner 5-litre canister 3 pcs/box


560637 Dosing Pump PORTIOMAT for 5 l canister  
560650 Wall-mounting Bracket w/ chain for Giporen 2.5 l 161932
560651 Dispenser for Giporen 2.5 l Hand Cleaning Cream 161932