Gipeco is certified for the following management systems: ISO9001:2008 (quality), ISO14001:2004 (environment), Working Environment pursuant to AFS 2001:1 and Customs Procedures pursuant to AEO.

The quality policy
Gipeco and every individual employee of the company shall develop and supply cleaning products, services, cleaning systems and cleaning methods flawlessly and on time to ensure their compliance with the expected quality, needs and function to the next-level internal and external customer.
• Our product quality shall be characterized by customer-/user-friendliness through simplicity and efficiency in function, ergonomic adaptation and ecological adaptation.
• Our sales quality shall be characterized by availability, simplicity and the professional level of our sales and trade-specific activity.
• Our after-sales marketing quality shall be characterized by a long-term and efficient customer service. This shall be achieved by everyone's involvement, continuous improvements and competence development through planned training for everyone at the company.

The environmental policy
Gipeco shall contribute to continuous development of professional cleaning methods by providing professional users with efficient products and systems with minimal environmental impact. Our operation shall be characterized by consideration towards the environment, health and safety. This involves that we shall:
• Increase the users' and employees' knowledge and heighten their awareness about environment-related work.
• Exercise influence, set up requirements and cooperate with other companies, authorities and organizations.
• Prevent pollution caused by our activities and/or our products.
• Continuously aim towards improved utilization of our resources.
• Regard measures for environment-related improvements as long-term investments.
Plan environmental protection based on the applicable laws and regulations, as well as what is environmentally motivated, technically possible and financially reasonable. To follow up and review the environment-related work on an ongoing basis.

The customs policy
Gipeco shall conduct its customs-related work in a proper and professional manner. Outgoing data about imported and exported goods shall be accurate. The concerned personnel shall be in no doubt about how the goods should be declared within and outside Sweden/EU, respectively.
The employees of Gipeco who work with import/export shall receive thorough training in customs-related work. This training shall mainly be conducted internally, based on the routines for the different steps in customs-related procedures.
Gipeco uses the online service TID of the Swedish Customs Service for customs-related procedures. The Quality and Environmental Manager and the Financial Manager have the codes and authorization to electronically administer and manage the customs-related procedures. The employees shall also be kept informed about updates within the customs area. This is done both via internal information and by subscribing to the journal ”Tullnytt” (Customs News) of the Swedish Customs Service. The employees shall be provided with external training in customs-related procedures.