Detergents/Dishwashing Agents

Detergent/Fabric softener

Professional washing imposes high requirements on products used. Click in the list to the right and read more about our washing agents. Gipeco has a long experience of developing detergents for lar...

  • Rapid

    Liquid Detergent Specially formulated for washing of cleaning textiles. Highly suitable for washing of floor mops and cleaning cloths. Washes efficiently already at low temperatures, saving energy.... Read more

  • Tarén

    A highly concentrated, ecologically adapted compact powder detergent Read more

  • Dimon

    Textile rinsing agent... Read more

Preserving Agents

  • Lagra

    Textile Preserving Agent A liquid preserving agent for textiles, prevents growth of bacteria and mould in prepared cleaning materials stored in damp condition. For use in washing machines. Prevents... Read more

Dishwashing Agents/Drying Agents

Our dishwashing agents are formulated for the valid special requirements, with both the effect and the environment in mind. "Good hygiene saves money"

  • 4-Plus

    Hand Dishwashing Agent An efficient, economical and ecologically adapted hand dishwashing agent for self-drying dishes. Efficient even in hard water. Especially mild effect on skin and materials. Read more

  • Chick Allrent

    Allround Cleaner/Hand Dishwashing Agent, disinfectant A special agent with disinfecting effect for cleaning and disinfecting of all surfaces subject to extra high hygiene requirements, e. g. in all... Read more

  • Dilux

    Dishwashing Tablets A highly concentrated machine dishwashing agent in a tablet form, for washing of any type of dishes in any type of dishwashing machine. Efficiently dissolves tough and dried foo... Read more

  • Titex

    Dishwashing Liquid A highly efficient machine dishwashing agent for washing of all normal dishes in modern dishwashing machines for professional kitchens. Do not use for washing of aluminium dishes... Read more

  • Alux

    Machine Dishwashing Specially formulated for washing of aluminium dishes, also excellent for any other type of dishes. Has a complex-forming effect ensuring low risk of limescale deposits in the... Read more

  • Drytex

    Drying Agent A drying agent with double effect for quick, stain-free drying of machine-washed dishes. Read more