About Gipeco

Gipeco is a market-leading company developing products and methods for modern system-based cleaning. We conduct intensive research in the areas of hygiene and environment as well as treatment and care of various floor materials. Our customers are mainly professional service companies and organizations on municipality, state and county level. We have a strong environmental focus; in the recent years, we have increased our investments in research in surface chemistry. Our business idea summarizes the core of our operation:



Gipeco develops professional cleaning methods and systems that
provide good economy and reduce strenuous work. We help our
customers to create efficient and well-functioning service organizations.


What does the name Gipeco mean?

Green Innovative Products → ECOnomy + ECOlogy = GIPECO

The name Gipeco means that we supply Green Innovative Products that are both environment- and budget-friendly. 


What does SMART CLEANTECH mean?

Our slogan SMART CLEANTECH is a concept that we use to summarize our offer of functional, efficient and mild materials, agents, methods and cleaning systems. Read more about Smart Cleantech here. This is the basis of our research and it characterizes our entire research activity.