Research & environment

Research and development has always been the core of Gipeco's operation. Even if some people regard cleaning as a necessary evil, everyone wants to enjoy clean and fresh surroundings. Cleaning is necessary everywhere and needs to be repeated continually. Therefore, it is way too important and resource-consuming to be done without thinking and ambition.

We want to achieve the highest possible cleaning quality in both short and long term. At the same time, cleaning must consume a minimum amount of time, personnel, money and natural resources. This is the objective of our development activity.

Research projects

We would like to offer our customers the best possible conditions for their cleaning activities. That's why we collaborate with various research organizations to investigate the cleaning results at a microscopic level. The objective, for example, can be to develop floor treatments that are stain resistant, minimize the mop's friction against the floor or to find optimal combinations of cleaning agents and floor material.

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What would it look like if we make efforts to have a clean indoor - but at the same time create a dirty environment? That's the starting point for our environmental work. This may involve matters like minimizing the consumption of cleaning agents and to maximize the life of the flooring material. The development of environmental friendly materials and agents meets the requirements set by the Nordic Ecolabel.

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Even if a lot has been done to develop mechanical cleaning methods, cleaning still is mainly a manual work. It aint just demanding because of consuming a lot of working hours, it also requires a lot of heavy lifting, awkward postures and repetitive movements. There is a lot that can be improved.

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