A profitable business

Advanced cooperation with Gipeco will always provide improved cleaning economy and an outcome that you can be proud of. We develop cleaning systems for low material consumption, often a few grams per square metre and year (calculated as dry substance). As 90 per cent of the total cleaning expenses are attributed to wages and administration, we focus on reducing the cleaning time and make the cleaning easier. In many cases, our customers are able to reduce their cleaning expenses by 30 per cent or more after switching to our systems.

Our customers

Gipeco is engaged by numerous companies and organizations for creating clean and inviting environments. The common nominator for our customers is their requirements on quality, aesthetics and outcome. Therefore, we offer custom-made comprehensive solutions that can help you to:

  • Increase the performance level per cleaning hour. 
  • Reduce consumption of cleaning chemicals.
  • Improve the standard of hygiene and cleaning quality.
  • Reduce allergenic dust particles.
  • Reduce the risk of repetitive strain injuries and sick leave among employees.
  • Develop the competence of the personnel.

We at Gipeco are not like others

We really think about and reflect upon cleaning work. All the time. How can we help our customers to make their cleaning more cost-effective? And ensure a clean result - a really clean result. We arrange research projects in order to make our products even more efficient and environment-friendly. What innovations can we invent for improving the working environment and ergonomics for the cleaning personnel? We constantly develop and refine cleaning methods that save time and money - how can we help you and your organization?

40 years of thinking has given us an impressive knowledge base.
Contact us and we will gladly share the knowledge.