As a leading supplier in the cleaning industry for over 40 years, we naturally have a lot of examples of having helped our customers to achieve better results. In certain cases, it is particularly apparent that our materials, agents and methods really make a difference. Below you can read some examples of such cases.

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Better quality, economy and ergonomics at Högskolan i Väst (University West)

Högskolan i Väst in Trollhättan has 11 500 students. Intensive traffic in the premises and large areas impose high requirements on easily cleaned floors and rational working methods. The cleaning company has switched to Dusty Dust Binder for the daily dry cleaning and is building up a protective coating of Trend Floor Wax that also functions as a cleaning agent at damp cleaning. Cleaning and floor treatment in one - without expensive interruptions in work.
Besides an improved outcome, the work has also become easier, with fewer mop wringings and less carrying of buckets which has produced great time savings. The cleaning company Rönnängs Industritjänst also sees the advantage of reduced hard work and strain on the personnel.

Merja Voimäki, Rönnängs Industritjänst from the newsletter Rengöring & Hygien (Cleaning & Hygiene)

Other references

"Our cleaning economy has improved and we have achieved considerable savings as Trend has enabled us to entirely eliminate the need for polishing. Our floors are now extremely easy to clean."

Supply Manager at a county council

"Gipeco has helped us to keep the expenses down, we have been able to eliminate the polishing operation and the employees appreciate the simplicity of the products. I can really recommend both the Gipeco Triss System and Trend!"

Cleaning Manager at a hospital

"A great advantage of the Trend product is that it allows more dry cleaning compared with other systems that we have used. This is extremely important from the working environment perspective."

Cleaning Manager at a university

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