Cooperation and networks

"Together, we are strong". This slogan is absolutely applicable and active in our daily operation. By cooperating, we can combine others' experience with our own which often results in the formula 1+1=3.

Customer relations

We have always had intimate cooperation with our customers, which is natural considering the objective to "improve our customers' operation". Both in order to learn the basic conditions of their work and to carefully assess the outcome of the products and methods developed by us.
When our work answers our customers' real needs are both the customer and we able to achieve success. Whether the specific objective is improved quality of the outcome, more rational cleaning methods or better environmental and ergonomic properties is a secondary issue.
With that in mind, we have a close cooperation with everyone related to our operation; distributors, tenants, building owners, purchasers and, of course, cleaning organizations.

Floor manufacturers

The natural link between cleaning and floor materials has led to numerous cooperation projects over the years. We have had many contacts with a large number of manufacturers in order to get a comprehensive overview of the range of floor materials. Some manufacturers have cooperated with us in developing the care and maintenance instructions. This has resulted in innovative maintenance systems ensuring attractive, easily cleaned and long-lasting floors. Our cleaning methods are being adapted in order to provide top-quality cleaning results with a minimum input. Certain floor manufacturers even offer extended warranty conditions if the floors are maintained with our methods.

Research and development cooperation

For our R&D activity, we cooperate with organizations with leading research position within our industry. The Swedish Institute for Surface Chemistry (YKI) is one example, providing us with access to advanced labs among other advantages. By detailed analyzing of floor structures, we can precisely adapt our products and methods for compositions and surface structures of different floor brands. For evaluating results by measuring and various tests, we cooperate with the SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden among others.

We also cooperate with other parties in matters related to large research projects with a broader basis. One example is our involvement in the research project IMI, Innovation Mot Infektion (Innovation Against Infection) financed by VINNOVA. IMI takes place in 2013-2014 and the objective is to develop and implement solutions for fighting medical care-related infections.