Smart Cleantech

We have methodically and stubbornly worked in the same direction for more than 40 years, developing materials, agents and methods in our customers' best interests. This has led to revolutionary news - such as the Gipeco Triss System for prepared cleaning materials, but also many minor innovations that gradually make cleaning easier and better in the long term. Today, we summarize our offer with the words ”Smart Cleantech". 

What does Smart Cleantech mean?

SMART – means that we always think one step in advance. We choose to regard problems as opportunities and dare to challenge current concepts. By thinking differently and looking beyond the available answers, new opportunities open up. Consequently, our ingenious ideas are often based on new perspectives, but our smart solutions are always born of simplicity. One good example is Trend - our unique floor care wax that eliminated the necessity of difficult and expensive floor treatments.

CLEAN – means that our products and methods shall ensure proper cleanness. Not only cleanness at first glance but an objective, scientifically proved cleanness, even microbes and microscopic dust particles must be removed in the cleaning process. Cleanness also includes our effort to minimize the environmental impact in everything from minimum water consumption to ecologically adapted raw materials and controlled dosing.

TECH – refers to our focus on cleaning with professional equipment and scientific development methods. The objective is apparent e. g. in the research of optimal floor treatments in cooperation with leading floor manufacturers - or development projects arranged together with the Swedish Institute for Surface Chemistry (YKI). We have long aimed at utilization of modern equipment. It has already been 20 years since we developed e. g. the program and dosing electronics for the Triss System – the first system for prepared cleaning materials.

Smart Cleantech in practice

The ideas behind Smart Cleantech are made explicit in our products, methods and cleaning systems.

Ecologically adapted raw materials
We use ecologically adapted raw materials in our manufacturing processes and conduct active research to always remain at the forefront in the area of environment work. For many years, our development of ecologically adapted products has been based on the requirements of the Nordic Swan ecolabel. The number of ecolabeled products in our product range is steadily increasing. But we aim even higher. Through cooperation with leading research institutes, we have access to advanced labs where we can screen new raw materials to ensure compliance with our requirements on both the environmental aspects and functionality. Today and in the future alike.

Unique manufacturing
Our own factory in Jönköping guarantees that we can control the whole process of manufacturing of cleaning and floor care products. This gives us full control over the raw materials, functionality and environmental impact. Our unique manufacturing technology PROTECTX™ produces highly efficient and easy-to-use products by emulgating with plain water. The factory has recently been expanded in order to meet the increased demand, and we have commissioned two new reactors during 2012 for research and development.

Smart textiles
Our idea for modern system-based cleaning is mainly built on the use of high-tech textiles. The effect is achieved by carefully tested fibre compositions and cloth/mop designs, with mechanical properties co-acting with water and the chemical composition of our cleaning agents. This results in long-lasting cleaning textiles that really clean properly.

Ergonomically adapted tools
The design or our cleaning tools is based on thorough studies for both increased efficiency of work operations and reduced physical strain on employees. Ergonomic evaluation is performed on both mops, mop handles and carts. Our mops are designed for reduced friction against the surface and our tools - for easier work. This means fewer monotone movements and reduced risk of repetitive strain injuries.

Resource-saving dosing
Modern technology has enabled us to minimize the consumption of both chemical products and water. Our products are highly concentrated which minimizes the need for transport and handling. Our system for prepared cleaning materials, the Threefold system, guarantees full function with a minimum of both chemical products and water.

For us, Smart Cleantech is a key concept that guides our thoughts concerning product development and methods. For you, it simply means better and more efficient cleaning!