Internal manufacturing and development activity

With an substantial research and development activity, close connection between manufacturing and development is a crucial advantage. We have several long-term, extensive cooperations in order to make it possible, e. g. in the field of textiles and carts. In the area of cleaning and floor care products, we manage our entire development and volume production internally.

PROTECTX® - our internally developed manufacturing technology

Our manufacturing technology is the result of over 30 years of research, development and manufacturing. When we develop our products, the point is often to mix various components that normally cannot be mixed with water - with water, in so-called emulsions. Dilution is needed in order to achieve proper proportions in the mixtures and because a solvent might prove necessary for distributing the products on the floor surfaces. The PROTECTX technology is a protected process where the effect is achieved using reactors at high pressure and significant changes in temperature.

Our facility

Our manufacturing facility in Jönköping has several reactors, the operation of which can be coordinated and where the ingredients are processed and mixed in several stages according to PROTECTX. Besides our full-scale production reactors and mixers, we also have smaller development reactors for small-scale development of new Products.


The internal manufacturing has several advantages:

+ We can manufacture "on demand" and thus achieve an efficient, rational stock balance and logistics.

+ The closeness of development and manufacturing gives us fantastic opportunities to conduct active, reality-based development work.

+ Manufacturing "in the house" enables us to conduct an efficient quality work with easier testing and traceability.