S-2 Allround Cleaner

Allround Cleaner

A self-acting allround-oriented all-purpose cleaner with a broad range of application. For regular cleaning of floors and all water-resistant surfaces. Has a pleasant peach aroma.
Products with Article No. 160711* and 160713* are colourant-free and non-perfumed.

pH value

ca 10.0 in concentrate
ca 9.0 in working solution (1%)

Article number

160611 S-2 Allround Cleaner 1 litre 10 pcs/box
160613 S-2 Allround Cleaner 5 litres 3 pcs/box
160711* S-2 Allround Cleaner 1 litre colourant-free, non-perfumed 10 pcs/box
160713* S-2 Allround Cleaner 5 litres colourant-free, non-perfumed 3 pcs/box

Surfaces for use


Methods of use

*Procurement/supplier item