Brilliant Maintenance Wax

Floor Wax/Maintenance Wax 

Using as a floor wax:
A heavy duty floor wax for surface treatment. Specially formulated for stone floors. Can also be used on all other floor types. Forms an elastic, hard, dirt-repellent and easily cleaned surface film. Brilliant requires less effort than treatment with polish and soft wax. The Brilliant coating is built up by regular maintenance with Brilliant, depending on the wear. Consequently, no new complete waxing of a stone floor is needed for 8-10 years. Other floor types require no new complete waxing for 4-5 years. Combine with pore filler on porous floors. Easy to spread. Quick-drying. Highly suitable for stone floors.

Using as a maintenance wax:
For regular damp cleaning and maintenance of floors treated with Brilliant. The Brilliant coating is built up during cleaning, depending on the wear. Excellent cleaning effect. Also suitable for use with scrubber driers.

pH value

ca 9 in concentrate
ca 8.4 in working solution (1%)

Article number

160723 Brilliant Maintenance Wax 5 litres              3 pcs/box

Surface for use

Methods of use