Floor Polish/Base & Top

Gipeco has all the products you need for cleaning and surface protection of all floor types. The products ensure quick work, allowing you to save time. Choose the surface protection based on how you want your floors to look and which maintenance method you prefer.

  • Polly

    Surface Reinforcing Agent/Floor Polish For assured finishing of all floors in environments subjected to hard wear and where floors requiring an new wear layer. Extra high wear resistance. Very... Read more

  • Gosafe

    Top Polish A durable, polishable top polish for all floors in areas with hard wear. Provides a sightly, glossy and durable wear layer. Can be polished at high speed. For combining with base polish ... Read more

  • Timanti

    Floor Polish A durable top/base polish for initial treatment and surface treatment of all floors. Superb adhesion also on light-scoured polish surfaces, regardless of brand. Should be combined with... Read more

  • Silky

    Floor Polish - Silk-matte A silk-matte floor polish for safe surface treatment of all floors in areas with hard wear. Extra high wear resistance. Very durable for minimal maintenance. Consequently,... Read more

  • Baseon

    Base Polish A wear-resistant base polish with pore-filling properties for all floors, highly suitable for linoleum floors. Superb adhesion. Very easy to spread. Ensures reliable adhesion for wax an... Read more

  • Lino

    Pore Filler/Concrete Impregnating Agent For pore filling on porous and absorbing floors such as linoleum and stone, also for impregnation/base sealing of concrete floors. Penetrates the floor surfa... Read more